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2021 Membership dues are $25.00 per calendar year. (Jan 1st – Dec 31st)

Then mail to us with your check to:

Tucson Social Singles
P.O. Box 65733
Tucson, AZ. 85722
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I understand that The Tucson Social Singles, Inc. is a not for profit social activities organization for single / unmarried adults. I warrant, by my signature on this application, that as of the date of signing this application, I am in fact, single and unmarried.

I also understand and agree that participation by myself and/or my guest(s) at any TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES social event is voluntary and is always by personal choice alone. TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES does not do background checks on applicants or members. TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES does not confirm the accuracy of the statement signed by each applicant.

Anyone dating an applicant, member or a guest, does so at his/her own risk and discretion. Members should exercise the same care and caution in establishing an individual or close personal relationship with a TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES member, as they would with any other unknown person that they meet and want to get to know.

I agree to hold “TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES, Inc”., its officers, and all of its members and guests harmless from liability as a result of any action or inaction at a TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES sponsored activity.

I further agree to be responsible for the conduct and or actions of any of my guests at a TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES function. I understand and accept this limitation of liability and that my acceptance of these limitations is a condition of membership and attendance at any TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES sponsored function or activity.

Periodically, the TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES distributes a list of its membership and their contact information to its members. By providing the below information I authorize other current members of the TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES to use this information, to contact me.

Furthermore, I agree not to provide this information to anyone who is not a current member of the TUCSON SOCIAL SINGLES, or use it for any commercial contact purposes.