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The Tucson Social Singles     

Thank you  for visiting our website.  Are you looking for something to do and someone to do it with?  You have come to the right place.  Click on the Calendar above to find out what we are doing, and where we have Happy Hours every Friday.    Join us!


Join us for Happy Hour each week.  Look at the calendar to find out where . . .

The first Happy Hour of each month will be a salute to those who have birthdays during that month.  Just tell the TSS host, and we will toast you!  We look forward to seeing  you there.   

  Come to some of our other activities to  check us out.  After three visits we hope that you will like us well enough to join the club.

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Did you know that we have an online membership roster?  It's true!  Just click on the "links" tab above and you will see a list.  Click again on Membership Roster to see it.  If your name is not there, send and email to

tucsonsocialsingles@outlook.com.  We'll get you on the list.      

How to publish your activity on our calendar.

Our club activities are all promoted by the individual membership.  If you have an fun idea and would like to have people to join you, simply post it to our calendar.  Here's how:  After you bring up the web site, click on the "Activities Form" link at the top of the page.  Just answer all the questions, and then be sure to click on "Add Event".  (If you are listing a Happy Hour please include the location in the first line of the event.  Ex: Happy Hour at XXXXX.)  It's easy!  It will be proofed and approved by a person asap.  If you have problems contact Cheryl - 629-0188 

Please RSVP so we have enough food!    If you haven't done so yet, Email TucsonSocialSingles@outlook.com with your answer.   

Annual Membership Meeting   April 12, 2014.  All members in good standing are urged to attend.  Potluck Picnic,  starts at 1:00 PM.  

See  the   calendar page for details. 

Your club needs you!  We are in need of people to run for the Board of Directors.  We have 5 positions to fill.  Your slate of candidates so far is:  Cheryl Heavner, Kathleen Jones, John Kaur, and Vera Shury.  Nominations will also be taken at the picnic before we vote.  Service is for a 2 year period.  Meetings are held in the early  evenings not less than 4 times a year, but more often as the necessity arises.  ( It is NOT a dictate that you will be doing most of  the activities for the club. The Board of Directors are the ones who take care of the club's business, set policy,  and give the club guidance.)  Elections will be held on April 12, at our Annual Membership meeting - as it says in our Arizona State Incorporation By-laws.   If you are interested in being on the ballot, please notify Joy Swanson, 299-8115, or   Joy.Swan@comcast.net.    Or tell any BOD person, Mary Beth, Cheryl, Norma, Lois, or Lorraine.  

Look at our hikers ready to go . . .

hikers 036

We usually Hike each month when the moon is full.  Join us! It is fun, and a fun way to get some exercise!  Look for it on the calendar page.  

Tucson Social Singles Club is a non-profit organization for adults, age 55+  who are single, legally separated, divorced or widowed. We are a positive group of people who value friendship and an opportunity to share worthwhile experiences.
Our Mission: To promote a compassionate,  non-threatening environment for the single adults in the Tucson and southern Arizona community, to encourage growth, creativity, and development of worthwhile relationships, and to promote fun.
Dues are just $36 per calender year.  Join us by clicking on the Online Application tab above.   See you soon!

 Your help is badly needed! 

As you should all know by now, members, you are the energy that runs the club.   It is you to whom we look for ideas and help in organizing and sponsoring our activities.  If you notice that  events are not happening, it is because no one stepped up and did their part to make it happen.  When the call for Help! goes out will you hear us?  The Board of Directors will help you out in any way they can.


Bernie was the coordinator of the Concerts in the Park, a very popular activity.  We need some who will co-ordinate that event so it can continue.  Just contact President Joy, or any BOD member if interested. 

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Check out our "Links" page.  We have some listings for local bands that  you might like to go see.    (Thanks Barry!)