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       We have plans for 4th of July!  Do you???          Keep an eye on that calendar!

****    Remember,  each member is expected to host one (1) Happy Hour each year.  If each person did that, you would only do it once/year!  Have you had your turn yet??  Mack, can help you out with that if you need suggestions of places.  Contact him via email:  FMackowskiAz@gmail.com or by phone: 575-9491 or talk to him at a Happy Hour.  Please step up and support your club, by doing your share.  It's easy; it's fun.


 (It's June already??)    

Bridge is going every Wednesday.  Do you Play???

Karaoke with Eddie is on the calendar again for June 12th.  Silly singing fun!  Or table top shuffle board.       Or a hot game of darts.  Or Food!  All fun!

Listen to Jazz, Blues, and Pop with The Wild Women.  (Do they belong to our club???)  Find out who they are June 19th at Monterrey Court.  

Kathy's dine-outs on June 21st is an early dinner this time at a Yummy Mexican Restaurant.  I know this place, Count me in!!

And . . .  Join us for Happy Hours every Friday night at different locations around town. If you're new, it is a good place to visit and get to know us. 

Look at the calendar page on our website for more details.  See you soon!  


            A new Board of Directors -            A new Beginning  

At the Board Meeting on June 6th, we welcomed Michael Matz to the BOD, and he accepted the position of Treasurer.  Welcome aboard Michael.  And thank you! 

At the Annual Membership Meeting & Picnic on April 16, elections were held for the new Board of Directors.  Thank you all for coming and voicing you opinions and casting your vote.  

Your New Officers are:

President:  Vera Shury

Vice President:  Sherry Gustafson

Secretary:  Leslie Parr

Treasurer:  Michael Matz

Member at Large:  Shirley Johnson

              Activities:  Mack Mackowski                (and all the rest of the club!)

Let's all work together to have some fun times, support each other, and make some great memories!  


Here's What we've done . . . 

Oh, Boy!  Look at the goings on at Happy Hour at Mr. Ahn's last Friday June 10th!    

 First the top button . . .    

Diana, Mike, Amy, David, and Mary W. 

Add one Ine, and the fun begins!  

     Mary, are you offering $$ to Ron?? Looks like Sherry has other ideas.  

Eddie says "Hi! Come and join us next time!"  

Thank you for hosting this fun time, Amy.



 You know this, however:   

Drink plenty of water!

Stay out of the sun!

Use Sunscreen if you must go out.

Get it done in the morning.

Take an afternoon nap!  (yes!)  

Meet up with us for an activity in the COOL somewhere!    


Thank you  for visiting our website 

business card

Are you looking for something to do and someone to do it with?  You have come to the right place.  Tucson Social Singles, Inc. is a non-profit, non-discriminating organization for adults, in the age range of 55+, who are single, divorced, widowed, or legally separated.  It is our purpose to present fun experiences in a safe, congenial atmosphere, where friendships flourish.  If you are in the Tucson, Arizona area, come and join us for Happy Hour on  Fridays.  Check our "Calendar" page to see what else we are up to.   See you soon!


 We need your help!                 We are updating our membership info.  We need every one  to please fill out an application form, so we are sure to have your current address, phone, and email addresses.  Our records are incomplete in spots, so when you have the chance at HH or other Activity, please do so.  Thanks,  from your Board of Directors.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>  Have questions?  Concerns?  Want to send a note to the Board of Directors?  We'd love to hear from you !   Send an email:  TucsonSocialSingles@outlook.com


How to put your activity on the Calendar

                         (For TSS Members only)

 If you have an fun idea and would like to have people to join you, simply post it to our calendar.  Here's how:  After you bring up the web site, click on the "Activities Form" link at the top of the page or click Here Just answer all the questions, and then be sure to click on "Add Event" at the bottom of the page.  

(If you are listing a Happy Hour please include the location in the first line of the event.   Ex: Happy Hour at  XXXX.)   

It's easy!  It will be proofed and approved by a person asap.  If you have problems contact Cheryl  at 629-0188.


We're waiting to met you!


 Online Membership List

Click on Membership  to see a list of  fellow members.  If your name is not there, or something is incorrect, send an email to:

TucsonSocialSingles@outlook.com.        We'll get it fixed . . .